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A non-anxious, salty light

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden..."

Matthew 5:14

Are you getting sick of my sports documentary references yet?

Heather and I have been watching Full Swing, golf’s answer to Drive to Survive. We’ve loved getting an insight into the different players' processes, to see the tension between the PGA and Liv Tours play itself out, and it’s also fascinating seeing the variety of different personalities that exist in the professional golfing world…sure, there are similarities as well, but they’re still a fairly interesting cast of characters!

To be brutally honest, we found the first couple of episodes hard to watch, and largely because we didn’t find the golfers that were focussed on particularly likeable…but then along comes Scottie Scheffler, a 26 year old winner of 2022 Masters, 2023 Players Championship, and the world’s #1 ranked golfer for 35 straight weeks in 2022. Heather and I looked at each other and said “He’s a breath of fresh air”…instantly likeable, big smile, humble and grounded, chilled and kind, I wanted to be his mate. Next scene showed Scottie reading his bible in the morning and talking faith with his caddie…aha, Scottie’s a Christian.

When others were spitting their dummies and throwing their clubs, Scottie was smiling and resting in God’s sovereignty…Crisis is a great revealer, it knocks us off our thrones, uncovers the weaknesses and brings to light our myths and idols…and in Scottie’s case, he just smiles, reflects, and moves on.

Sadly, from personal experience, I know that not all professing Christians are like that, or that likeable (and I know I’ve rubbed a few people the wrong way myself!). But as we watched Scottie carry himself in a world of ego and obsession, it kinda made sense…he was the classic non-anxious presence in, and to, his world. That doesn’t mean he isn’t driven - after all you don’t get the world #1 in a sport like golf without a hunger to win - but there’s something that ‘hits different’ about the non-anxious Christian presence in a secular setting. Something that Scottie may well not go out and try and self-consciously craft, it just happens to be. Something that’s due, in no small way, to the presence of the Spirit of God in his life. Something that Scottie takes with him wherever he goes.

…and that same Spirit is something that you take with you wherever in the world you go. It’s something that the world does not have, but that, if we just live our lives in that non-anxious Scottie Scheffler kind of way, is compelling to people even if they do not know why...particularly for a generation and age that are mired in deep anxiety.

Jesus said that “we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world” (Matt 5:13-16)…he didn’t say “try really hard to be salt and light”, he simply said that we are, by virtue of who we are and whose we are.

So let’s go be who God made us to be — a non-anxious, salty light!



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