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Trust in Jesus + We’re Back this Sunday!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

As the sun set upon 2021, blazon across the Sydney sky was the words ’Trust in Jesus’. After another year of constant uncertainly, it was an unexpected but encouraging reminder of the only place and person we can be truly confident in.

As I reflected on this encouragement over coming days, I was reminded of Psalm 37:3 which says "Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture"

Let’s break down that verse:

Trust in the Lord... - not in mankind or materials which are erratic and temporary, but in the One who is everlasting, trustworthy, faithful, always good, strong, and able.

…and do good - reflecting the goodness and kindness of God, not out of duty or obligation or motivated by guilt, and not trusting in those ‘good actions’ to carry us favour with God…but motivated by grace, empowered by His strength, for His glory, and especially towards to poor.

…dwell in the land - God has placed you where He has on purpose. If He's going to bless all nations through us (Gen 12), He wants His people to be central and accessible in the land…in all spheres of life, and every corner of society.

…and enjoy safe pasture - this phrase carries a sense of ‘provision’ for every need, and the promise that He will grow us through all of life’s experiences.

As we gather this Sunday for the first time this year and look forward into 2022, I wonder which of the 4 aspects of this verse the Holy Spirit might be nudging you in? Let the Spirit prompt and encourage you, as subtly or as significantly as that might be.

Big love and Grace,




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