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"You gotta hear this!"

We write this to make our joy complete.

1 John 1:4

Do you know the feeling of discovering something great, and the joy you get in sharing it with others?! Maybe it’s a new Netflix series, an up-and-coming artist, a restaurant that’s just opened...

I remember discovering Jack Johnson’s music for the first time…as a surfer, I knew this kid from Hawaii who’d had some early success before an accident forced him to take up other pursuits - directing surf videos and making music. I remember watching Loose Change and hearing his song Middle Man for the first time...

“What is this?!” I exclaimed to Toby, my best mate from Uni.

You couldn’t get his music in Australia yet, there was no Spotify or Apple Music, so I had to order one of his CDs from the US! After weeks of waiting, it finally arrived...I listened to it on repeat, and would play it for anybody who was willing to listen - “You gotta hear this!"

I couldn’t help it…the music had gripped me, I loved the way it made me feel, and I had one of the few copies of his album floating around. To this day, it’s still one of my favourite albums.

I’ve been in the 3 letters of John recently…they might be short on pages, but they’re not short on challenge!

In the first 4 verses of 1 John, the word ‘we’ is used 9 times (compared to ‘you’ which is only 3). John is writing from his own personal experience, and is sharing his testimony - what he’s heard, what he’s seen, what he’s touched. He’d heard Jesus' teaching and could give a personal testimony of His miracles. He'd seen Him die on the Cross and was a witness of His glorious Resurrection. And John wanted to get the word out in the hopes that those who heard and read his letter could share in fellowship with him, and ultimately with God the Father, and Jesus the Son (v3). And that would make his joy complete.

John’s an old man by the time he pens this letter, maybe in his 80s…but he’s still in love with the treasure that he discovered in his younger years. He had found something of tremendous worth and he couldn't help but share it with others so that they may have the hope of eternal life as well (1 John 5:13)!

Why? For their good, and for his joy.

The only thing better than discovering a new artist, or show, or restaurant, is getting to share it with others...

The only thing that can make knowing Jesus even better, is helping others see and share in His beauty...

For their good, and for our joy.



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